Council of Experts

The Council of Experts is an alliance of C-level executives, who support proINject to set up challenging projects, to place appropriate experts, and actively accompany these projects throughout their duration.
The council of experts has a combined professional experience of over 300 years, and over 100 years of interim management experience.

Hans Lauterbach

Head of Innovation
The chemical engineer specializes in transformation and innovation processes. He has been occupying international leadership roles in large and medium sized corporations for over 25 years. He is experienced in the sporting goods, adhesives, and paper industry sectors. Lauterbach is also confident in his dealings with Family Offices.

Rainer Simmoleit

Head of Technical Sales & Product Management
The engineer and master of business administration, Rainer Simmoleit, has been supporting medium and large international B2B corporations for over 20 years in their endeavors to understand customer needs and translating this into product development. To do so, Rainer Simmoleit combines state of the art methods and years of experience in executive roles.

Dr. Robert Phillip

Head of Digital Growth
The INSEAD graduate (MBA) and PhD in business administration focuses on sustainable and profitable growth in the digital era. After 8 years as a technology and strategy consultant, he has been working for more than 15 years as Managing Director, International Business Development Manager and Chief Digital Officer (CDO) in the telecommunications, building services and mechanical engineering industries. Dr. Robert Philipp designs and establishes innovative business areas and profitable business models to secure the future of the company.

Cathrin Wüst

Head of Organisational Development
For over 25 years Cathrin Wüst has been a specialist for the development, implementation and controlling of strategic HR processes and structures in international corporations. Her expertise also includes the development and implementation of programs targeted at leadership development, including the implementation of performance-driven reward systems.

Christoph Dahlem

Head of FMCG Products
Christoph Dahlem’s expertise lies in the areas of marketing and sales. After gathering experience in the beverage industry and the dairy industry he continued his excellent track record as managing director within the international food industry. Since 5 years he is an in-demand consultant and interim manager.

Jochen Kuhn

Head of Positive Leadership & Cultural Change
Jochen Kuhn has over 20 years of experience in international leadership roles. For the past 10 years, the author of the book “Einfaches Management ist besonderes Management”, (translates to: Easy management is positive managmenet) has been a consultant with focus on positive leadership, strategy, and sales. He believes that successful transformation is not possible without individuals setting a positive example across all hierarchical levels.

Stefan Löffler

Head of Procurement & Supply Chain Optimisation
Stefan Löffler has vast experience in the optimization of manufacturing costs in purchasing and the supply chain. He has gathered more than 25 years of experience in the automotive industry, semiconductor manufacturing, mechanical engineering, and the jewelry industry.

Christoph Oberhaus

Head of Private Equity
Christoph Oberhaus is an experienced CFO in portfolio companies of private equity funds. He has also worked several years for a top consultancy as well as filling finance related leadership roles in large corporations. As a strategically operating CFO he helps entrepreneurial organizations to venture into the private equity world.

Michael Nels

Head of Sales Excellence
Michael Nels has been a sales specialist for over 20 years. He is well-versed with customer management and creative marketing as well. He has gathered experience through successful projects in the food industry as well as in the medium-sized company sector.

Susanne Kremeier

Head of Strategy Implementation
The graduate in business administration and organisational psychology looks back on more than 25 years of professional experience in line functions and as a leader. She has worked in and for companies of different sizes and in various industries. As an independent consultant, interim manager and coach, she supports companies in implementing new strategies creatively and successfully with and through the human factor. She has comprehensive systemic and methodological expertise. She is committed as a „manager without borders“.

Key Competence Areas


  • Support with the establishment of a work-environment that fosters and promotes innovation.
  • Targeted and structured creation of clearly defined free spaces for team development, business units and whole organizations.
  • Improved products and services, tailored internal processes, utilization of digitalization and artificial intelligence, as well as development of new business models.

Technical Sales & Product Management

  • Support of diverse branches, from classic mechanical engineering and automotive specialists to software organizations.
  • Seamless integration of customer requirements into the product portfolio.
  • Development of innovative solutions, products, and smart devices.
    Sustainable implementation through intensive support.


  • Development of corporations, business units, and head-quarters.
  • Restructuring, for example: digitalization, development of new markets, adjustment of organizational requirements.
  • Performance enhancement in sales, development and implementation of controlling and reward systems.
  • Outsourcing or insourcing initiatives, also enhancement of employee skills.

Organisational Development

  • Support with various transformation-related HR processes.
    Initial organization and restructuring, inclusion of co-determination bodies.
  • Development of qualification measures and instruments of voluntary departure.
  • Balance between changes in the product portfolio and the corresponding effects on processes and employees.

Fast Moving Consumer Goods

  • Guidance with sales, marketing and business development.
    Initiatives for increasing turnover, improving results, internationalization, strategy development.
  • Consumer oriented brand management, product management, build-up and leading international sales operations.
  • Business development for new distribution channels and new markets, key account management, price and conditions policy, programs for portfolio optimization, and production efficiency.

Positive Leadership & Cultural Change

  • Support to master transformation and change processes.
    Sensitization of decision-makers and leadership figures throughout all hierarchical levels.
  • Implementation and/or development of a positive company and change culture.
  • Identification of the potential need for coaching and training courses for various hierarchical levels of employees.

Procurement & Supply Chain

  • Optimization for a process-oriented supply chain to reduce costs and maximize profits.
  • Build-up of international supply relationships, from the first contact to an established supply relationship.
  • Realignment of business units to ensure sustainable competitiveness.
    Implementation of cost potentials in the entire supply chain including customers, suppliers and all internal processes such as production, development and sales.

Private Equity

  • Support with the private equity-focused orientation of the financial department and its resources.
  • Conceptualization and introduction of operative and financial key performance indicators.
  • Support in refinancing with banks and shareholders.
    Development of growth concepts.
  • Development of exit readiness, including a full potential plan, data room, factbook, and management presentation.

Sales Excellence

  • Management of sales, including key account management and sales controlling.
  • Restructuring and reorientation of organizations and sales units towards customer and market requirements, with clear goal setting and performance targets.
  • Active leadership through hands-on coaching and training.
    Consistent sales and market penetration of existing product portfolios, new products or new business areas.

Strategy Implementation

  • Strategy audit as feasibility check including creative scenario definition
  • Development of sustainable business models
  • Integration of existing competences and potentials for implementation and successful continuation
  • Design of scalable structures and interfaces
  • accompanying change management and training measures

Digital Growth

  • Development of additional sales potential from existing products and services through “smart products”.
  • Acceleration and streamlining of internal processes for a more positive customer impact and reduced working capital (trade working capital)
  • Generating new sources of revenue through the use of digital extensions with innovative offers that follow on from the existing ones
  • Development of new business models for sustainable and promising growth and for additional resilience against the imponderables of markets and environmental conditions
  • Ensuring the strategic sustainability of the company in the digital era (“grand-child handover capacity”)

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