“Don’t underestimate generation X!”

In the battle for new talent, employers are neglecting an important demographic: The ‘Best Ager’, who is born between 1965 and 1980, can convince with a very special set of skills.

They are in the middle of their careers, have experience and leadership skills, and are by all means ‘victims’ of personnel restructuring within the labor market. The so-called generation X, the followers of the baby boomers, are often neglected by companies who are exclusively looking for young talent. These established workers not only have valuable previous experience that is becoming increasingly rare in the digital age, but they also have many working years ahead of them. “The human resources market is ruled by the pursuit of talent from generation Y (the millennials, years 1980 – 2000), and generation Z (the digital natives, from year 2000 onwards). In this one-dimensional pursuit, companies are missing out on the expertise that generation X possesses, as well as the potential that emerges through a mix of generations.”, says HR expert Axel Kellermann.

With power into the second half of life

The employees of generation X, who are the last pre-digital cohort, often started their careers in apprenticeships, meaning they bring a more practical approach than generations Y and Z, who are scholastically-academically characterized. Be it the toolmaker who now has a PHD, or the long-term sales professional who started their career as a locksmith. At the same time the ‘Best Agers’ have kept up to speed with the digital developments of the past 20 years. “This age group has learned their profession from scratch, raised the next generation, and is now entering the second half of their professional career with discipline and willingness to perform. Entrepreneurs should use this power”, says Axel Kellermann.

The problem solvers

Viele Anhänger der Generation X zeichnet die Gelassenheit aus, mit Problemen ergebnisorientiert und sachbezogen umzugehen. Zwischen Babyboomern und Digital Natives verkörpern sie eine gute Mischung von analogem und digitalem Knowhow.

Axel Kellermann

More than a few of generation X are on the path from permanent employment to interim management, be it for personal reasons or because or restructuring at the expense of the ‘old guard’. Whether as interim manager or permanently placed in a company these employees bring the necessary tranquility to dedicate themselves to a task entirely. They want to contribute with their specialist knowledge and successfully implement projects. “These individuals have encountered many problems in their career-paths and they possess the knowledge and experience to overcome them, and to help others to do so as well.”, explains Axel Kellermann. He adds: “Renewal is important, and fresh blood is good for every company. However, the experience employees are the ones that hold things together.”.

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