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We at proINject are competent transformation consultants. As experienced professionals we have oversight over the entire transformation cycle. Consulting, placing, supporting: to us this means communicating with the relevant stakeholders, defining projects and goals, providing relevant external professionals, and supporting the project developments to ensure project success.

The Expert Network

Our network includes more than 1400 management experts from varied sectors and industries, all of which have an intimate understanding of the modern interim market and its requirements. Our executives can boast a wealth of experience and specialize in adapting to new environments and challenges.


Frank Joachim Schade

HR, Marketing
„As an interdisciplinary thinker I continuously identify new opportunities. My leadership style is employee focused.“
  • Operational Areas: Personnel management, project management, marketing, intercultural communication.
  • Sectors: Telecommunication, information technology, power industry (energy sector), logistics, civil engineering, mechanical engineering.
  • Accomplishments: Restructuring operating sites, restructuring in the areas of web solutions, IT-HR organization, and sales operations.

Dierk Röschke

Leadership Development
“If you want to lead, you have to like people”
  • Operational Areas: Leadership; change and development of corporate culture.
  • Sectors: Automotive, IT, logistics, construction.
  • Accomplishments: Initial and reorganisation including strategy and culture. Effective leadership development including clarifying role definitions, the capacity to delegate, and providing critical feedback.

Anis Bouyahia

Strategic Purchasing
„The underlying foundation of my leadership style is entrepreneurial thinking and acting, and my key principles are integrity, cooperation, and quality.“
  • Operational Areas: Restructuring, cave-out, digitalization of value-chain, logistics, global purchasing strategies.
  • Sectors: Pharmaceuticals, chemicals, mechanical engineering, IT, financial services.
  • Accomplishments: Post-merger integration, business process optimization for global pharmaceutical corporation, restructuring and repositioning of supply chain.

Anette Haupt

HR Transformation
„To stimulate and bring to effect the imagination of people in different companies is my passion.“
  • Operational Areas: HR controlling, organizational development, HR transformation, agile transformation.
  • Sectors: Automotive, trade, service provision
  • Accomplishments: Structuring and optimization of the internal processes of a consultancy firm, implementation of sustainable HR control

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Industry news, personal insights and though provoking articles. Our magazine offers a unique perspective on interim management, human resources, the labour market, digitalisation and many other topics. Provided by our experts, for other experts.


Change is all around

Change is necessary, if only to maintain the status quo.

How we shape the future with our own hands

Old patterns and cherished traditions will be increasingly questioned.

2020: Greast reward for courageous leaders

For some, it is the industry that largely determines the success or even the scope of the actions possible. however the active ones are less dependent on external circumstances.

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The Transformation Consultants

proINject is a community, created by experienced transformation consultants, for proven managers and future oriented corporations. We have an intimate understanding of the market, are highly experienced project leaders, place trusted experts, and we are familiar with the decision makers in global corporations. Our counsel of experts stands for competence across all industries and sectors, and constantly strives for the highest level of excellence.

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