How we shape the future with our own hands

Over the last four weeks of this so special Advent 2020 we have looked back taking different perspectives. We have described what the Coronavirus did to ourselves, how we used the time as a company and what we learned from our clients and through peer reviews.

Now, to conclude our little series, we want to look ahead, because “the future is not cancelled“, as the Spiegel Magazine authors Anja Foerster and Peter Kreuz aptly put it. All will go on and on. In 2021, the pressure on companies and their managers to act will grow, old patterns and cherished traditions will be increasingly questioned.

A lot of good can result from this. And this does not mean naively reinterpreting the difficult situation in a positive way. Rather, it is about courageously facing the fact that readiness for change is the admission ticket for a world that is changing ever faster.

This doesn’t need not be frightening. For those who take the reins of action into their own hands can actively steer and influence the size of the individual steps for a successful transformation. For this to succeed, the pace of the organization and all its participants is the metronome. Because change only succeeds if it is sustainable. And it is only sustainable if it is deeply founded within the culture of the company.

2021 will challenge us. We are looking forward to it.

Axel Kellermann/Alexander Mauer

The coming year will be better than 2020, but it will also bring big changes for everyone. It is important to accept the challenges and actively shape them. In the end, courage, competence and drive will distinguish the successful. Let us hope that we are not as far off the mark as we were in last year’s prognosis.

We wish our friends, clients and colleagues a Merry Christmas and a time of restful reflection. 2021 will challenge us. We are looking forward to it.

Merry Christmas

Visual: A. Mauer
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