“Innovation requires leadership!”

The deployment of artificial intelligence, algorithms and digital platforms is on the rise. The new technology is a driving force behind modern innovation. Interim manager Hans Lauterbach believes that human individuals must still play an important role in this development.

Mr. Lauterbach, is artificial intelligence the key to modern innovation?

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) in the form of large-scale data analysis, linking production lines, and algorithm-controlled digital platforms, is growing rapidly. Many companies are coming to rely more heavily on AI to support their innovation efforts. A recent survey by the Boston Consulting Group further highlights the increasing importance of artificial intelligence and platforms that support innovation. 11 of the 50 named companies in this report were companies from Germany and included house hold names such as; Adidas, Allianz, BASF and BMW. Most companies that are involved in the use of AI are seeing positive results.

What are the concrete uses of AI and big data?

Auch bei digitalen Projekten kommt es auf die menschliche Führung und Entscheidung an.

Hans-Joachim Lauterbach

Artificial intelligence has the capability to process large amounts of data beyond the human comprehension. This allows companies to personalize experiences, tailor products and services to individual needs, and identify opportunities for growth. All of this is happening with unprecedented speed and precision. Not unlike the industrial revolution, artificial intelligence has the capacity to fundamentally change business models. However, the implementation of artificial intelligence is being considered with skepticism by companies, customers, regulatory authorities, and stakeholders. Human leadership and decision making will be key in establishing trust in AI. An increase in transparency will prove pivotal, as it will institute an awareness of what AI is capable of, how it can be used, and the services it provides.

You have been active as an interim manager for 9 years now. Which challenges does the digital revolution present for you?

I have come in contact with AI in several different projects, for example the buildup of a distribution company for vehicular safety systems in the Golf states. As an interimer I need to keep up to date with the newest developments, and I also benefit from my long experience of implementation as well as my particular way of thinking outside of the box. I see the large potential that AI offers. However, intelligent systems and platforms are first and foremost supportive technology. The decision-making progress ultimately remains with the human leadership of a company.

Foto: Anja Micke
Hans-Joachim Lauterbach
Hans-Joachim Lauterbach has more than 25 years of international management experience in large corporations and family-run medium-sized companies. The graduate chemist and experienced interim manager is specialised in transformation and innovation processes.

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