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The proINject interim network stands for real industry experience. Here we will provide you with news, facts and trends surrounding the interim-management industry.

Alexander Mauer (l.) und Axel Kellermann (r.) von proINject – Interim Network.
Alexander Mauer (l.) und Axel Kellermann (r.) von proINject – Interim Network.

Digitalization, a lack of skilled workers, and industry 4.0 determine the modern global working environment. Markets, companies, professions, and business models find themselves in a period of transformation. Opportunities arise, but along with these come risks. With current news from the interim and HR business in tandem with our contributions to digital development, self-marketing strategies and much more, we want to keep the members of our platform up to date with the most relevant information. In regular intervals we offer you industry news, clear interpretations of these, and practical advice.

These insights will be provided to you by the managing directors; Axel Kellermann and Alexander Mauer, personally. As experienced interim managers and project experts, we are intimately familiar with the industry and its nuances.

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Under “News”, you will find pieces on relevant current developments. “Unconventionals”, conveys clear opinions and interesting perspectives from experts and insiders of the industry. In “Change & Digital”, we discuss technical, operational and human resources developments that are occurring in the industry. The sub section “The future of work”, investigates the development of the labor market and what this means for the industry and its participants.

An exciting and challenging future lies ahead. A future, which will be shaped by doers and action takers alike. When we speak of interimers, managers, and action takers, we are naturally addressing both genders. The use of the generic masculine prevalent in this magazine is for the sake of legibility, rather than selective exclusion of a gender.

You have questions or comments about the contents of our magazine? Feel free to contact us personally via email or via our social media accounts. We are excited for your feedback. By the way: our newsletter informs you about new articles in our online magazine. Feel free to sign up and get notified about new articles of interest.

The proINject team wishes you happy reading!

the team of proINject – Interim Network
Axel Kellermann and Alexander Mauer

Foto: Anja Micke
proINject – Interim Network
Change is a positive thing! We stand for successful transformations through forward-thinking process design and organisational development. We foster open, honest and well-balanced communication with all stakeholders.

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