Nothing is more certain than change…

The market for temporary management and external expertise is gaining importance in times when globalisation and digitalisation are increasingly re-defining the world of work in terms of space, time and subject matter. Development cycles for products and services are becoming shorter and market access easier. Companies are increasingly under pressure to continuously innovate and diversify. If gaps in transformation know-how are identified, interim staff are prompt and experienced, flexible helpers. As a seasoned transformation consultancy and modern interim provider, proINject – Interim Network is competent and knowledgeable with all types of placement contracts.

Provider of Temporary Expert Service

Service contracts are standard practice in the project business when a company has insufficient know-how and therefore seeks external expertise to ensure project success. Our experts act as independent forces within the company, within clearly defined parameters – but free of hierarchies. ProINject identifies the best suited professional for each project, considering functional suitability as much as “cultural fit” to ensure that work and management style as well as personality correspond with the client’s corporate culture. Following the customer’s selection process, proINject provides project-specific contracts for both companies and experts.

In full compliance with legal requirements: Operator of  Temporary Employment

In the case of sudden personnel shortages, interim staff serve as a temporary solution until long-term succession is clear. Bridging a vacancy requires hierarchical integration into the company’s organgram. In some markets like e.g. Germany, temporary employment is the solution of choice to ensure legal security for all parties involved. Employment contracts, which are subject to social insurance contributions, are therefore applicable. The handling and administrative process required is where our expertise lies. The pre-existing employee and insurance benefits that our experts enjoy, will be continued without any disadvantage to them.

Arranging for company operated Temporary Employment

If a company prefers a direct, temporary employment this is not an obstacle. We identify suitable specialists with the same attention to detail and the same tools. Our services will then be charged according to the customary regulations of recruitment consultants.


The depth and variety of our pool of experts allows us to tackle any recruitment challenge, from individual candidates to independent and autonomous project teams. With our Individual Strength Analysis (ISA) we can identify the compatibility of individual candidates to specific projects. Furthermore, we can build effective teams focused on achieving project success. This works most effectively when the team configuration takes into consideration the balance between diverse personalities and the task at hand. In accordance with the principles of pop-up management, we have the ability to deploy teams, including an integrated management and responsibility structure, outside existing organisations – no matter for which industry or department.

Managers without borders

The “managers without borders” foundation promotes the development and growth of mid-tier and emerging companies with over 150 current projects in Africa alone. Specialists provide their know-how to sustainably strengthen entrepreneurs and employees in developing countries and their economies. The aim of the managers is to implement sustainable practices which can be deployed independently and autonomously, which removes dependency on external help. proINject encourages managers who are between projects to support managers without borders and gain valuable new experiences.

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