Our Matching Platform

Modern mediation is digital – for experts and companies. Create a profile, et accredited and start finding matches. Via the button you can access a manual. Click on the individual steps for more information.

Artificial Intelligence

Our technology generates value clouds from the combination of search terms. This not only allows for higher accuracy with matches, but also allows for a quantitative evaluation of the compatibility between the individual parties of a given match. Every matching process, its implementation in a project, and an extensive performance review constitute the learnings through which our self-learning program continuously fine-tunes the success factors and thus, increases the quality and accuracy of every subsequent match.

Individual Strength Analysis / Team-ISA

We only place experts who fit the respective project in terms of their expertise and above all their personality. After all, “cultural fit”, i.e. the manner in which an interim expert works and the way this fits to the company, is a crucial prerequisite for a successful cooperation. To make the best possible use of the members of our network, they conduct the Individual Strength Analysis (ISA), which is a self-evaluation of strengths, preferences and working behavior. The strength analysis of an individual provides us with insights of relevant project-specific success factors. Furthermore, we utilise ISA to compose balanced and well-rounded project teams.

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