proINject kick-off 2020 Advent publications

Just under a year ago, we assessed the economic situation as follows:

… The economic situation is gloomy, but not without opportunities. A recession that would pose particular challenges for the economy and society has not yet occurred and there is hope that it will be avoided in 2020…

Less than 12 months later, we are in the middle of a global pandemic that has affected private, social and economic life to an extent that has not occurred for generations and was hardly imaginable to anyone.

2020 was full of new insights.

Axel Kellermann/Alexander Mauer

But 2020 also provided us with an incredible amount of new insights and the opportunity to work on ourselves and to observe and learn a lot with others. In this respect, it is of course worth looking back this year, without being able to make a final assessment of 2020 for sure

We want to use the Advent season to review the year in four thematic areas:

– Personal impressions: What has 2020 done to me?

– The proINject year: How did we implement for ourselves what we use to advise our customers?

– What has happened in the economy: What have the crisis winners done well particularly if they didn´t come from the priviledged “winning industries”?

– The near future: What do we expect from 2021 and how do we tackle it?

Enjoy reading our personal notions on linkedIn:

Axel Kellermann
Alexander Mauer
Kerstin Beyreis
Ralf Sumfleth
Hans Lauterbach
Stefan Löffler

Visual: A. Mauer
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