Social strengths and how they contribute to project success

Working style, leadership behavior, personality: All of these are essential parameters that determine the outcome of a project. Especially then when a company has not only a single interim manager employed, but rather a whole team.

The recent study “Talent Trends 2019”, by the career network LinkedIn showed that soft skills will in future be more important than hard skills. 91% of the 5164 human resources managers that were interviewed were of the opinion that applicants must provide social competency in an increasingly automated world. The specific knowledge of a programming language might not be necessary in the future, whereas personality traits such as creativity, cooperative ability, and drive are increasingly in demand.

Die Soft Skills entscheiden darüber, wie gut ein Interimer zum Projekt passt und wie erfolgreich das Mandat verläuft.

Axel Kellermann

“This is a development which is important for classic work relationships, as well as for experienced interim management personnel”, says HR-expert, Axel Kellermann. He then adds: “The time of selecting and mediating interim managers on a whim is over. Future oriented companies have a clear definition of the profile requirements that they are looking for. These companies are concerned with the capabilities that an interim manager must bring so they can most effectively be integrated into the company culture. This development means that the mediation process must identify key requirements at an early stage.”

Amongst profiles which contain similar professional capabilities, the soft-skills can make a vital difference. “In our network we complete an ‘Individual Skill Analysis’, where the social capabilities and working preferences of an interim manager are established”, explains Axel Kellermann. Which characteristics are most sought after on the market? According to a further LinkedIn study from 2017, especially cross-functional capabilities, inter cultural understanding, as well as team and employee leadership skills are of vital importance. “A variety of profiles will always be in demand. The visionary as well as the realist, the individualist and the team player. An effective team requires different roles and characters”, says Axel Kellermann.

Team projects for experts

A further topic of importance in the ‘Talent Trends’ study, is team projects. For interim mangers this could mean that project work with a team could increase in the future. Especially for demanding projects, such as a large-scale company transformation, setting up a team that covers as many functions as possible can be useful. “As a digital provider we work closely with our development team to ensure that our matching algorithm can also mediate teams. It does so by configuring a team that takes into consideration the different roles required for the job, as well as finding the best configuration of soft-skills”, says Axel Kellermann.

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Axel Kellermann
The experienced project manager has worked for pharmaceutical, automotive and mineral oil companies, among others. The interim professional is specialised in merger and change management.

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