Successful change is built on trust

At the 2nd Advent we want to describe how we at proINject have dealt with the challenges of 2020. Our reaction was based on two premises: 1. we “eat our own dogfood” – we do what we advise our customers to do, even within our own company. 2. we seize the opportunity and consistently develop towards the “New Normal” without limiting ourselves to regaining the “status before the crisis” only.

A remarkable essay by futurologist Matthias Horx published in March provided us with good guidance through the entire process. Mr. Horx introduced the instrument of “re-gnosis”. In doing so, he uses a so-called “future leap” in the process of coming to terms with the present: We look back from the future into the here and now. This makes it easier to assess and evaluate the effectiveness of action. We have consistently oriented ourselves to this idea.

As a result, for us 2020 was not only the year of crisis, but also the year of self-reflection, reorganisation and reorientation. First, however, we had to take all the necessary action very quickly in order to prepare ourselves economically for the approaching crisis situation. These were initially measures to cut costs and increase efficiency. In doing so, we also questioned what seemed to be established practices. With the result, for example, that we are hibernating our electronic platform for the time being. Although we have learned a lot about the technology and operation of the digital placement aid, the service itself has not yet been sufficiently accepted by either experts or customers. We have taken our communications into our own hands operationally though and tried out new formats and media.

We applied what we advise others to do.

Axel Kellermann/Alexander Mauer

During the 1st lockdown, we once again took a close look at our values. A very good exercise in which both the result and the process of development itself provided direction and culture to the company. It sharpens the company’s profile. What are we actually interested in? Why are we doing this? Everything else needs to stand back. In our case, it quickly became clear what our mission is: We want change to succeed.

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The way we act describe our values in concrete terms. This is how we behave towards our customers, service providers and colleagues. In the morning, in the evening, in the mandate and outside, professionally, under pressure and privately.

In particular, we clearly understand that we need the trust of our clients to work successfully. In a project’s development phase, when it is necessary to identify approaches to solutions and potential for improvement with transparency and openness. In the operating and implementation/deployment phase, when leaders in particular are required to play a key role in very visibly acting as a role model. And finally, during the final project evaluation and the check whether all measures have been successfully implemented. This includes the comprehensive transfer and handover of responsibility to the company.

It is equally important to us to do all of this with respect for all those involved at all times. We don’t take ourselves too seriously without sacrificing assertiveness: for the sake of the cause.

And we have also tried out different forms of “illustration” of our values. We assigned tastes and music genres to our working atmosphere and style. Perhaps the result is particularly powerful in relation to music: Techno music and Jazz. The driving, heavy, electronic basic rhythm combined with the lightness and delicacy, yet with the highest precision of the artistic.

On the basis of these values we have continued to “move forward” and sharpened the range of our services. We want to unerringly grasp the needs of our customers in the crisis and beyond, and work collaboratively to meet them sustainably. With the crisis diary, we made it clear at a very early stage, that there are positive opportunities in every crisis. This particularly applies, if extreme external influences are understood as a stress test for the company and the events are documented in detail. Observing intensively, describing what has been experienced can thus take targeted action where it is particularly needed. The crisis diary (or any other substantial documentation of crisis impacts) can form the foundation for targeted change activities, some of which we have worked out in detail with colleagues from the Council of Experts, published in our eMag “Das Magazin” and presented in part via video conversation. The topics covered were Executive Coaching in Crisis Situations, Cash and Supply Chain Management or Process and Restructuring Support, to name but a few.

All of this feeds into our mission statement and creates a clearer distinction from pure contractors. We are transformation consultants and support our clients by accepting their mandates ourselves. We bring our competence and experience directly to the task. The outstanding experts in our network are also deployed effectively where needed. We continue to bundle our network competence according to key topics in the Council of Experts, whose members are available to us and all experts deployed within and outside of mandates as an advisory capacity. In this way we deliberately distinguish ourselves from providers whose competence is limited to finding candidates and presenting them.

With what we have achieved in this difficult year 2020, we believe we will emerge from the Covid-19 threat operationally and strategically strengthened: future- & bullet proof.

Like everything else, however, our status remains subject to constant change. The need for continuous development is inextricably linked to our daily work and value decisions. In this respect, we are very pleased to receive feedback and suggestions. Discuss with us! Are our values relevant? Is a competence-oriented offer compelling?

Next week, we will look at the observations we have gathered from discussions with customers and colleagues and highlight some of the factors for success.


Visual: A. Mauer
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