“The classic provider has had its day”

Since August, Kerstin Beyreis has been strengthening the ranks of the proINject team. The savvy network-expert knows her way around the interim industry and is one of its shaping influences. In the subsequent interview Beyreis explains how interim managers are preparing for the future.

Mrs. Beyreis, you have been active in this industry since 2003. How has the market developed during that time, in your opinion?

After finishing my studies at university, I spent almost 15 years with an interim provider from Munich. I started there as an intern, later on I was office manager, and finally responsible for procurement. During my time there I expanded and oversaw the pool of candidates, as well as mediated interim managers and projects. The industry sector was then still in its infancy and has since then become more professional, dynamic and digital. Today, we speak of “New Work” and that is accompanied by a new set of expectations.

What does that mean for Providers?

The classic provider business is determined by the individual evaluation of the mediator. A typical case may look something like this: A company needs an interim manager, and the provider selects a fitting candidate from their database. This demonstrates that pool-management is based on the individual evaluations of candidates by the mediator. This will continue to be an important factor into the foreseeable future. However, the market and the workers within it are becoming younger and more dynamic. I am convinced that increasingly more dynamic and digital models for the mediation of interimers will be crucial. The transformation from classic to digital mediation can obviously not take place overnight, and therefore, the two models will run parallel to each other in the next few years. It is however clear that providers who want to be successful within the market must start to expend more innovative power on digitalizing their business models. Those who do, will find success in the next years.

In which industries to you see a high demand for interim management?

There is no unequivocal answer to this question, because the demand is currently still very volatile. That holds true for individual industries, as well as the market as a whole. The only thing that is certain, is that digitalization will wait for no one. The extent of this digitalization is at the discretion of corporate management. Not every company needs to immediately buy a 3D printer. But topics such as innovation, agile methods, data migration and cloud usage will play a role across industry and sector boarders. Regardless if personal data in the area of recruiting, or machine data for tools, everything will be stored and processed digitally. As before, this process of change requires expertise, as well as a certain type of thinking. By this I mean an understanding of how digital methods can save time and money. Additionally, if all industries, including also the labor market and the understanding of labor itself become more dynamic, there will be an emergent increase in the demand for interim managers.

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