The competition for the best minds

Hundreds of written applications for a single position are a thing of the past. This article explores the need for innovative new methods, and how ‘Employer Branding’ is becoming a vital part of acquiring and retaining top new talent.

Changes in employee demographic, increasing demand for skilled labor, increasing global competition: These are several of the factors that have led to even large companies struggling to recruit and retain the right employees. The determining factor to secure trainees, and in demand specialists with much experience, is the ‘inner attractiveness’ of a company. HR and marketing expert Axel Kellermann says: “In the past many companies did not have to strain themselves to acquire new employees. Nowadays however, they must rethink and make sure that they market themselves as an attractive employer to potential employees.”

Building up new structures in the human resources department

The “War for talents”, which was predicted years ago, is now in full swing. Although the willingness of employees to change jobs is increasing, the factors that contribute to making this decision are far more numerous than just salary. “The personnel market has transformed from an employer to an employee focused market. The power balance has tipped in favor of the employee, who now gets to choose their employer” explains Axel Kellermann. Furthermore, he says: “This applies not only to the advanced digital industries, but also to other sectors due to the lack of skilled employees.”

The employees have the choice

Unternehmen müssen sich nicht nur auf dem Markt ihres Produkts positionieren, sondern zusätzlich als attraktiver Arbeitgeber auf dem Personalmarkt.

Axel Kellermann

Important factors of a successful employer branding include sabbaticals, attractive further education opportunities, healthcare services, and especially flexibility concerning organization of working hours and work location. Spending the winter months in the South Africa offices to avoid the cold German winter? Many young organizations make opportunities such as this accessible to their employees. Employees with children tend to look out for offers that include schooling and supervision for their children. A retirement friendly environment is also increasingly important in the transfer considerations of employees.

Our society and the different modes of living are changing. The working world needs to adapt as well to accommodate the emerging desires of their employees. “More companies are employing interim managers with the right know-how to establish a new HR structure, which is more conducive towards the acquisition, maintenance and development of talent. To be convincing as an employer requires new, creative approaches, and offers.” Explains Axel Kellermann.

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