proINject recommends: Keep a crisis diary!

The current crisis is a stress test under live conditions for every company. By means of structured documentation, improvements for the future can already be worked on now.

The outbreak of the Covid 19 pandemic poses unprecedented challenges to all areas of social and economic life. Companies, their employees, the self-employed and pensioners are already groaning under the burden of forced but necessary changes in public and private life. A mitigation of this situation is not foreseeable.

Thinking about tomorrow, today

Regardless of the occurrence of an accompanying or subsequent recession, it is already foreseeable that the markets and general conditions for companies will change massively in the long term. In many places, this will require adaptation and transformation.

Stress test for companies and markets

Change always has great prospects of success if, in addition to the „who“, the „how“ and the „when“ of the journey are defined and actively considered.

Comprehensive and honest documentation should already be the first step for the departure after the crisis.

Axel Kellermann

Despite the current difficulties, the situation also offers the opportunity to develop the framework conditions for a successful future. This is achievable if current events are understood as a stress test for the status quo. In order to derive real benefit from this, it is advisable to record events at all levels. This includes internal processes as well as contacts and activities with external parties. In terms of content, all business transactions and processes – especially those in which problems occur – are of interest. How do the systems withstand the strain of remote work? Can the SAP system be operated remotely? How does the coordination with suppliers work? How do customers perceive online meetings? Are employees sufficiently informed about the effects on the company? How do managers deal with leadership in a virtual environment? These issues should be properly and comprehensively documented.

Crisis diary for download

In order to support companies in recording current events and as a basis for coming to terms with them as well as for initial „quick wins“, proINject provides all interested parties with an exemplary crisis diary. It is not intended to replace an existing, operative reporting system, but as an independent tool to help record and document events that can serve as a basis for an analysis and, if necessary, transformation process to be initiated later.

A PDF version of the crisis diary is available for download on our website. Interested parties can also receive an Excel worksheet by e-mail (krisentagebuch@proinject.de).

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